Англійська мова 6 клас {ГДЗ/відповіді} (Карп'юк О.Д.) [2014]

Lesson 1. They are Friends - Unit 1. FAMILY AND FRIENDS


Mike; Cathy; Cathy; —; —; —; —; Mike; Cathy; Mike.



— Mike is 11 years old

— Cathy is bit lazy sometimes

— Nobody of children has a lot of relatives around the world

— Mike and Pete aren’t crazy about school

— Cathy is a member of a karate club B

— Cathy is 10 years old

— Mike is friendly and helpful

— Nobody has got a big sister and a little brother,

— Cathy has got 3 albums full of stickers

— Mike is in front of the computer 3 hours a day

— Cathy is good at dancing


Only child; karate club; pain in the neck; free-time activity; cuddly animals; computer games; fifth form.


School; sports; dancing ;singing.

I am crazy about school 

I am interested in sports 

I am good at dancing 

I am bad at singing

Listening 1 - Unit 1. FAMILY AND FRIENDS


Is; have got; is; anl; is; is; am; have got; is; have got; are; haven’t got; are; is; is.

Am; am; are; aren’t; are; have got; have got; am; has got; is; are; is; am; isn’t; is; am; haven’t; am.


1. She has got a big piano in her room

2. Jack is Linda’s brother

3. Jack has got the bottom bed

4. Linda’s favourite colour is blue

5. Linda is bad at sport

1. Pete’s full name is Peter

2. His nickname is 007

3. Pete’s favourite free - time activity is skateboarding

4. He has got two cousins in America

5. Disneyland is near Los Angeles

Grammar - Unit 1. FAMILY AND FRIENDS


Doesn’t live; goes; likes; doesn’t care; does; go; comes; doesn’t like; doesn’t spend; saves; doesn’t go.


1. Don’t believe

2. Wants

3. See

4. Think

5. Love

6. Remembers

7. Don’t hate

8. Doesn’t need


1. С 6. в

2. В7. В

3. С8. С

4. С9. В

5. А10. А


1. Jill always leaves the house at 8.15 in the morning.

2. Jack and Jill do not go to school by bus.

3. Jill is eating ham and eggs for break-fastthis morning.

4. Jack’s dad is working in the basement this evening.

5. Jack’s grandpa: often goes for a walk on Sundays.

6. I am not studying ffrr the English test at the moment.

7. We usually prepare for tests.

8. Our teac hers give tests every week

9. We are doing a test tomorrow.

10. A new history teacher is coming next week.

Writing - Unit 1. FAMILY AND FRIENDS


My name is Helen. I am 12. My sister Tanya has got a brown short hair and brown eyes. I have got a long blond hair and grey eyes. My best friend Vita hasn’t got brother or sister. My sister is a pupil. My brother isn’t a pupil. My new teachers are Olena Sergi-ivna and Larysa Ivanivna. My parents aren’t old.

Lesson 2. An Ordinary Family - Unit 1. FAMILY AND FRIENDS


Pilot, monkey, frog, prince, octopus.


father mother
grandfather  grandmother
son daughter
uncle aunt
brother sister
husband wife
cousin cousin
nephew niece
stepfather stepmother
grandson granddaughter


4) Mother











1. Mike’s mum is kind and helpful

2. Mike’s dad is plump

3. Alice has got long blond hair

4. Ted is curious and boring

5. Mike’s grandpa hasn’t got glasses.

6. Mike’s uncle is clumsy.

7. Aunt Linda is always serious.

8. Robert is silly.

Listening 2 - Unit 1. FAMILY AND FRIENDS


1. Who

2. When

3. Where

4. Whose

5. What

6. How

7. How many

8. Why


1. Who is your sister?

2. When is your birthday?

3. Where do you live?

4. How are you?

5. Why do you like your hobby?

Vocabulary & Speaking - Unit 1. FAMILY AND FRIENDS


Robert is bald Mia is thin

Jessica and Sam are plump

Robert is strong

Kyle has got a moustache

Robert has got braids

Jessica has got long hair

Kyle and Jessica have got a ponytail

Mia’s hair is curly

Jessica’s eyes are brown

Kyle’s nose is big

Mia’s hair is blond


1. Who is tall? — Kyle is tall

2. Who has got brown hair? — Sam and Jessica have got brown hair

3. Whose hair is short? — Sam’s hair is short

4. Whose eyes are blue? — Mia’s eyes are blue.



Positive Negative  Positive and negative
kind  rude worried
helpful selfish  curious
patient boring shy
friendly  lazy calm
clumsy  stupid  
romantic naughty  



Superman is brave 

Santa Claus is friendly 

Harry Potter is clever 

Mickey Mouse is clumsy 

Cinderella is hard-working 

Shrek is kind


— I am a pretty girl. I am tall and strong. I have got a long blond hair. I have got big grey eyes. My nose is small and turned-up.

— Dasha is a pretty girl. She is tall and strong. She has got a short brown hair. She has got big green eyes. Her nose is small and turned-up.

Look Back - Unit 1. FAMILY AND FRIENDS



eyes skinhair    look
green blackstraight  tall
browndark young  
bluelong pretty  
wavy  slim  
ponytail   skinny  



Pretty, slim, straight, alike, skin, wavy.


My name is Victor. I live in Kharkiv. My parents are office-workers. I am only child in the family. I am a pupil of the sixth form of a secondary school. My mother’s name is Ann. She is 32. She is a pretty and woman. She has got a long blond ha«t Her eyes are big and grey. My father’s name is Nick. He is 34. He is a handsome and friendly man. He has got a straight brown hair. His eyes are big and green. I love my family very much.


1. F 

2. D 

3. E 

4. C

5. G

6. B

7. A


4,1, 9,8,2,10, 5, 7, 3,8

6) a) He’s Dan

b) He’s Dan’s uncle

c) She’s Dan’s aunt

d) He Dan cousin

e) It’s Dan’s dog

f) They’re Dan’s parents

g) They’re Dan’s grandparents


1. My name is Tara

2. I am 12

3. I am Carribi an but l was bornin London

4. My birthday is in January

5. I am tall and thin

6. I have long, curly and black hair

7. I am friendly, chatty and honest

8. My friend Emma and I like acting and swimming

9. My friend doesn’t like bullying 10.1 Bee Emma every day


What’e her name? How old is she?

— Where does she live?

— Does she have a family?

— Has she got brother or sister?

— Who’s her best friend?


1.Her name is Nell

2. She is 12

3. She lives in Cambridge

4. Yes, she has a quite big family

5. Yes, she has a brother and sister

6. Her best friend is Andy












Cambridge quite big house a lot

Her name is Nelly. She is 12. She is in the 6th form. Her hometown is Cambridge. Her family is quiet big. She lives in ahouse. She has a lot of friends.


My name is Victor. I live in Kharkiv. My parents are off ice-workers. I am only child in the family. I am a pupil of the sixth form of a secondary school. Kharkiv is my native city. I live with my parents in a flat. I have ray own room. It’s big and cozy. My holne-town is in the east of Ukraine. There are many interesting sights in my hometown. My school is in the centre of my city. We have got many classrooms in our school. I have a lot of friendsybut my best friend is Vlad. He is my classmate.

Lesson 1. My School Days - Unit 2. SCHOOL IS COOL!


In this year I have all this subjects besides French and Geography. I have Maths, German, Music, English, Religion, PE, IT, Art, Craft, History and Science.


History, Geography, Science, IT, Maths, PE.


1. Geography

2. IT

3. History

4. Science

5. Maths

6. PE


Add +

Subtract -

Multiply *

Divide :


Is, are, isn’t, is, are, are, are ,is, is, is, are, has not got, have not got, are, are, has got, has got, has got, is, is, has got.


1. Yes, there are

2. Yes, there is

3. Yes .there is

4. Yes, there are

5. Yes. there are

6. No, there Is not

Grammar 1 - Unit 2. SCHOOL IS COOL!


1. — You should put on warm clothes

— You shouldn't walk without hat

2. —You should take a medicine

— You shouldn't play on computer

3. —You should goto the library

— You shouldn't go for a walk

4. — You should go to the swimming pool

— You shouldn’t stay in the water without parents

5. You should do morning exercises

— You shouldn't eat much food

6. —You should go to bed

— You shouldn’t watch TV

7. —You should do homework

— You shouldn’t play football

8. —You should do your homework

— You shouldn't play much time


1. May

2. May

3. Might

4. Might not

5. May not

6. Might not


— We must come to school in time

— We must put on our school uniform

— We mustn’t run in the corridor

— We mustn’t speak loudly


1. You must value your friends

2. You mustn’t ask much questions

3. Do all the thin*s as they need

4. You must live in a real life

5. If the man doesn’t want to do somethin*

6. We have only one life

7. If you want to live food you must do anythin* for it.


1. Must

2. Should

3. May

4. Muatn’t

5. Have to

6. Might


— might

— have to 

— should

— mifht

— might

— should

— don’t have to

— have to

— should

— might not

Listening 1 - Unit 2. SCHOOL IS COOL!


1. The new Subject in the 6th form is Geography

2. We have a new teacher Tetyana Volody-myrivna. She is a Geography teacher.

3. My favourite subjects are English and Literature.

4. Ijiave English on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

— More than 300 million people speak English as their first language

— I know Australian, Scottish, Canadian, American and British English accents.


1. Mike has got 11 subjects

2. Maths is the first lesson on Monday

3. English is the second lesson on Thursday

4. PE is the third lesson on Tuesday

5. Art is the fourth lesson on Wednesday

6. Geography is the last lesson on Friday.



Mike’s teacher Form    teachermaths    PE history
 Mr Finch     +  
Miss Jones  +   +
Mrs Pitt     +



1. T

2. F 

3. T 

4. T

5. F

6. F

7. T

8. F


1. Mike has got a lot of subjects

2. Because he has got Maths on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday and on Friday.

3. He isn’t good at Maths.

4. Because he is really strict and he is not good at Maths.

5. Mike’s favourite subject is PE.

6. Miss Jones is his form teacher.

7. Miss Jones is his favourite teacher.

8. She is wonderful, pretty and young.

9. Mrs Pitt is his History teacher.

10. Her hair is a bit unusual.

11. There are two new pupils in his class.

12. They are twins.

Vocabulary & Speaking - Unit 2. SCHOOL IS COOL!


Improve, have to, learn, understand, study, listen, know.


1. I think a sciential has to know English. He can go to on international meetings.

2. I think a writer has to know English. He can write his book8 in English.

3. I think a waitress has to know English. She can speak with foreign guests.

4. I think a doctor has to know English. He can go to another country to work.

5. I think an air - hostess has to know English. She can fly on international air lines.

6. I think a seller has to know English. She can work in an international shops.

7. I think a businessman has to know Eng-lish. He can trade with other countries.

8. I think an artist has to know English. He can work in foreign films.

9. I think a computer programmer has know English. He can do his programs English.

10. I think a travel agent has to know English. He can speak with foreign guests about our country.

— I have to read a lot

— I have to learn a lot of words

— I have to listen spoken English

— I have to learn how to write correctly

— I have to travel* and read about the world we live in.


a) 4 

b) 3

с) 1

d) 2

As for me I feel uncomfortable when I speak English with my classmates. But I understand that I should remember that my English lessons are often the only time I can practice my English. And I must practice it.


Alison — I don’t like Alison’s opinion. As for me I like History but I don’t like Maths. I like to discover everything before us.

Ted — I like Ted’s opinion, because everyone should think about future profession and study hard.

George — I don't like George’s opinion, because we should go to school and learn useful things.

Andrew — I like the teacher’s decision about Andrew. You should listen the teacher attentively on the lessons and do the tasks.


Alison likes only Maths

George doesn't care about Bchool

Alison hates History

Alison thinks that Maths is really great.

— George is more interested in experiments at his father’s lab

— Alison prefers Maths rather History, because History is really boring for her

— Ted likes most Geography, History and Maths because of his future profession

— George likes experiments better than school because it’s really interesting for him


— It is interesting if...

— It is interesting if

— It is interesting if...

— It is interesting if...

— It is interesting if we read about our planet

— It is interesting if it helps me in my future life

— It is interesting if...

— It is interesting if...

— It is interesting if 

— It is interesting if...

Writing 1 - Unit 2. SCHOOL IS COOL!


— You must bring a note from your parents if you have been ill.

Lesson 2. My Sports - Unit 2. SCHOOL IS COOL!


Individual   Water sport  games  Field events Track events
Long jump    Sailing Hockey   Longjumps  Horse riding
Horse riding  swimming   Football High jump   running
gymnastics    volleyball Tennis    
Skiing boarding      
High jump        



Swimmer, skater, skier, boxer, jumper, trainer, winner.

Jumping, skiing, swimming, skating, boxing.


1. Goes

2. Play

3. Go

4. Play

5. Does

6. Does

Listening 2 - Unit 2. SCHOOL IS COOL!


1. Lawn tennis

2. Skiing

3. Table tennis

4. Polo

5. Hockey

6. Boating

7. Mountain bicycle

8. Running

Grammar 2 - Unit 2. SCHOOL IS COOL!


Who — person 

What — thing 

Which — two or more 

Where — place 

When — time 

Why — reason 

How many — number


1. When

2. How many

3. Which

4. Where

5. Why

6. Who

7. What


1. Who

2. How

3. Where

4. When

5. Where

6. Why

7. Who

8. How

9. When

10. What

11. Why

12. What


- What

- When

- What time 

- How long 

- Where 

- Who 

- Why


But — to express contrast 

Because — to say why 

So — to say result


1. But

2. Because

3. And

4. Because

5. But

6. But

7. Because


— I am an only child in the family but I want to have brother or sister

— My favourite subjects are English and Literature

— I am always busy because I should study hard.

Speaking - Unit 2. SCHOOL IS COOL!


1. I like figure-skating

2. I do gymnastics

3. I do gymnastics twice a week

4. I like football

5. Usually I watch hockey on TV

6. I am good at football

2) 1. Yes,lam

2. Yes, I can

3. No, it doesn’t

4. Yes, I am

5. My favourite team is "Metallist”

6. He must catch the ball

7. Yes, they can N

8. No, they can’t

9. They are 11

10. Yes, Ido

11. It’s National Arena

12. Yes, Ido

13. It’s skating

14. It lasts for 90 minutes

15. I go there very often

Writing 2 - Unit 2. SCHOOL IS COOL!


Hi! I do karate. Of all outdoor games I like football best. Of all indoor games I like chess. My brother goes to the school gym twice a week. He couldn’t go to the gym yesterday as he was ill. My friend Ann has her trainings every day. She is good at skating. But I don’t like to watch skat-

ing competitions. I am crazy about watching hockey matches. I never miss a match played by me favourite team.

Look Back - Unit 2. SCHOOL IS COOL!


Foreign, international, connect, learn studies, understand, skills, listen, use improve.


— She has to watch video films and listen songs in English.

— She mustn’t scare to speak English with classmates in English lessons.

— She doesn’t have to miss English les-


— Today we speak about difficult» to learn English. Ask your questions, please!

— I have some difficults when I speak English.

— Can you give me advice?

— You don’t have to stop speaking. Think of a word that means nearly the same.

— I speak very slowly because I don’t think in English. What can I do?

— You have to use English words you know.

— When I see a new word 1 don’t know how to pronounce it. What can I do?

— You can find the pronunciation of new words in your dictionary.

— I feel uncomfortable when I speak English with my classmates. Can you help me?

— Remember, that your English lessons are often the only time you can practice your English.

— Thank you very much for your advices.

— Not at all. Good luck!

4) My favourite subject English. English is very important in our life, because its an international language. I learn English at school. I also read English books, magazines and newspapers. I watch video films and listen songs in English. I hope that in future I’ll speak English well.

6) — My favourite sport programme on TV is “Sport News”.

— My favourite sport is figure- skating.

— My favourite sport star is Ronaldo

— My favourite team is “Metallist”.


1. Running and jumping are athletics events

2. When we use the word “a game” we think of some kinds of sports in which there are two sides or teams.

3. The high jumps and long jumps are called field events. Running races are called track events.

4. My favourite sport is figure- skating.


1. And

2. Because

3. But

4. And

5. So

6. Because

7. But

8. But

9. So

10. And

11. Because

12. So

13. So

Lesson 1. Yummy! - Unit 3. CAFES AND SHOPS


1. В 

2. А 

3. Е 

4. К 

5. I 

6. Н 

7. J 

8. G

9. D

10. С

11. N

12. F

13. М

14. L

15. O


1. bar,

2. can,

3. packet,

4. loaf,

5. ...?

6. carton

7. bottle


1. Carrot

2. salad/lettuce

3. potatoes

4. cucumber

5. onion

6. pepper

7. tomato

8. com

9. mushroom

Reading - Unit 3. CAFES AND SHOPS


1. b

2. с

3. а


1. □

2. е

3. d

4. f

5. b

6. g

7. f

8. c



  Linda Ted Sandra
Potatoes V    
Fish   X   V
Eggs  V    
Chocolate   V  
Cheese  V    
Sweets      X
Cakes   X X
Meat X   V



1. the fruit and vegetable group, the meat group, the milk group and the bread and cereal group

2. each group every day

3. fourtimes

4. twice a day

5. two or three

6. energy

7. healthful...different

8. the four food group

9. snack

Listening 1 - Unit 3. CAFES AND SHOPS


1. are

2. is

3. is

4. are


1. much

2. many

3. much

4. many

5. many


1. с 

2. f 

3. h 

4. і 

5. e

6. d

7. b

8. І

9. g

10. a

Grammar 1 - Unit 3. CAFES AND SHOPS


1. Would you like a banana, please?

2. Would you like a glass of lemonade, please?

3. Would you like some grapes, please?

4. Would you like a piece of bread, please?

5. Would you like a plate of vegetables, please?

6. Would you like a plate of soup, please?

7. Would you like a slice of cheese, please?

8. Would you like a cup of tea, please?


1. like...likes... like....wouldlike

2. would like... would like... would like.... like

3. like... like... would like...

4. would like... like... would like... would like


1. are going to

2. are going to

3. ‘11

4. are going to

5. won't

6. ‘11

Speaking - Unit 3. CAFES AND SHOPS


1. the sandwiches. .«Jots of food, some paper plates and napkins

2. orange juice and strawberry juice...to make some apple pie

3. the fruit(some apples, bananas and peaches)

4. lots of food, some sliced carrots and a cucumber

5. a delicious, healthy picnic



desserts  drinks
Chocolate cookies Cocoa with cream
Cheese cake  Hot chocolate
Apple pie   Lemonade
Strawberry pancakes Mineral water
Vanilla doughnuts Freah orange juice
Coconut icecream coffee



1. glass

2. cup

3. tin

4. bottle

Lesson 2. Going Shopping - Unit 3. CAFES AND SHOPS

1) 1. Sainsbury’s supermarkets

2. Tesco’s supermarkets

3. British Home Stores(BHS)

4. ready-made clothes departments

2) 1.the baker’s, butcher’s, sweetshop, the greengrocer’s

2. become more and more popular and they don’t close for lunch

3. walk round the shop and choose what you want

4. you should know some popular shops and supermarkets

5. they sell goods at cheaper prices

6. leaders in food and drink selling

7. goods at cheaper prices

8. large shops selling mainly clothes but also food and other products for the houses

9. for Europeans, because they have different size system

10. Ready-made clothes departments in London usually use both British and European sizes on the tags

11. usually buy clothes by themselves

12. usually do the food shopping

13. “cheers”

5) a baker's shop, greengrocer's, supermarket,

Listening 2 - Unit 3. CAFES AND SHOPS


Tesco’s, Marks & Spencer, a large clothes shop with a food section, and Boots, Barclays, Lloyds TSB,

a. The most shops in Britain are opened at 9.00, p.m.

b. They stay open all day till 5.30 or 6.00, p.m.

c. in a large clothe» shop with a food section

d. Boots sells toiletries

e. If you need to change money you can do it at Barclays, Lloyds TSB or some other British bank

f. Pounds and pence are the British money

Grammar 2 - Unit 3. CAFES AND SHOPS


1. go 6. have

2. see7. read

3. can8. come

4. say9. become

5. get


1. Hello

2. Jlello.

3. One kilo of English Cox apple, please.

4. Here you are.

5. Thank you. 

6. How much are they?

7. 90, p. for a kilo. 

8. Oh, I forget, I need a plastic bag, please.

9. They are 20, p.

10. Here’s the money and thanks a lot. Goodbye.


1. John, would you go and get some sugar?

2. All right.

3. Get one packet.

4. Shall I get anything else?

5. Oh, yes, get a bottle of milk or, perhaps two, and yes, some yogurt too.

6. Yogurt?

7. Yes, two cartons.

8. Yes. How much shell I get?

1. interesting — more interesting — the most interesting

2. large — larger — the largest

3. famous — more famous — the most famous

4. fantastic — more fantastic — the mast fantastic

5. good — better — the best

6. cheap — cheaper — the cheapest

7. bad — worse — the worst

8. delicious— more delicious— the most delicious

9. economical — more economical — the most economical

10. convenient— more convenient — the most convenient

11. small— smaller— thesmallest

12. close — closer — the closest





the most exciting more colorful best

Look Back - Unit 3. CAFES AND SHOPS


1. much 6. are

2. many7. Is

3. much8. is

4. many9. are

5. many


1. eggs...coffee... glass...an apple

2. plate...milk...juice...banana

3. jam.......cup....lemon


They’re at home. It is morning.

A list of food

1. some eggs

2. some jam

3. some sugar

cash desk









1. some batteries

2. the TV Times

The ‘Dragon soup’ is that it can only be when a dragon cooks it itself.

Lesson 1. On the Move - Unit 4. TRAVELLING


1. spaceship

2. helicopter

3. bus

4. car

5. underground

6. ship

7. plane

8. bike

9. train


1. get off

2. ‘11 take/catch a plane

3. take/get into a taxi

4. missed

5. got off

6. get into a taxi

Reading 1 - Unit 4. TRAVELLING


1. Yes, I do.

2. People like to change. They travel to see other countries and continents, cities and towns. It is always interesting to discover new things.

3. Travel agencies can.

4. We can travel by train, by plane, by ship or by car.

5. All ways of travelling have their advantages and disadvantages. And people choose the way they like.

6. You should arrange everything before you go on a trip.

7. We can take photos of sights of a city or views of mountains, lakes, forests, or famous people, or ancient buildings or even animals and birds.

8. People take photos to be pleasede nough to watch the photos of the happy moments of their life.


1. b 

2. a  

3. b  

4. b

5. b

6. b

7. a

Grammar 1 - Unit 4. TRAVELLING


1. lately

2. recently

3. already... yet

4. never

5. ever


1. b

2. e

3. g

4. c

5. f

6. d

7. a


1. b

2. с

3. a

4. a


2. enjoyed

3. travelled

4. have just taken

5. travels

6. travelled

7. was


1. We shall not Catch a bus to the railway station.

Shall we catch a bus to the railway station?

2. The doorman at the hotel didn’t take our 8uiteases and pointed the way to the desk-clerk yesterday.

Did the doorman at the hotel take our suitcases and pointed the way to the desk-clerk yesterday?

3. Her friends won’t take a taxi to the airport in twenty minutes.

Will her friends take a taxi to the airport in twenty minutes?

4. Mark didn’t travel on business last year.

Did Mark often travel on business last year?

5. They haven’t arrived.

Have they arrived?

6. We didn’t have a pleasant and enjoyable voyage on the Black Sea last summer. Did we have a pleasant and enjoyable voyage on the Black Sea last summer?

7. She has not been to Spain.

Has she been to Spain?


1. How will David go to Turkey?

2. Who booked tickets to Berlin last Monday?

3. When does his train usually arrive in Kharkiv?

4. Where shall we have a longer stop in two hours?

5. What train from Lvov always runs on time?

6. Why hasn’t she written the place and date of her birth in the personal registration card at a hotel?

7. When did their train arrive to London?

8. Where haven’t you taken a bus yet?


1. саme

2. have never been

3. have travelled

4. Have you read

5. has just arrived

6. have never travelled

7. Did it often snowed

8. did they get married

9. did you see

10. have you had

11. havelost

12. has lived

Speaking - Unit 4. TRAVELLING


His favorite way of travelling is by ship.


1. True

2. False

3. False

4. True

5. False True

7. False

8. True


A. at the ticket office(railway station)

B. at the airport

Lesson 2. So Many Places - Unit 4. TRAVELLING



The names of the nationalities The name of the country
British  Great Britain
American      The USA
Australian Australia
Japanese   Japan
Canadian Canada
Italian Italy
Russian   Russia
German Germany
French France
Ukrainian Ukraine



• People speak French in France and Canada.

• People speak English in Great Britain, the USA, Australia and Canada.

• People speak Spanish in Spain.

• People apeak Japanese in Japan.

• People speak German in Germany.

• People speak Italian in Italy.


• Ivan studies English at school.

• Tom studies German at school.

• Oksanka studies English and German at school.

• Gustav studies French and English at school.

• Bill studies Russian.

• Jack studies Ukrainian.

Reading 2 - Unit 4. TRAVELLING



Sydney Opera House Australia Sydney
Big Ben   Great Britain London
Statue of Liberty The USA New York
Bohdan Khmelnitski  Monument Ukraine Kyiv
Eiffel Tower France   Paris
St Basil Cathedral Russia  Moscow



• The British Queen lives in Buckingham Palace.

• The Queen’s favourite summer home is Windsor castle.

• Windsor is the oldest royal residence, home of kings and queens.

• Tower Bridge is the most famous one.

• Trafalgar Square is the largest square.

• Hyde Park is the most popular park.

• The British Museum is the biggest museum.

• Big Ben is the most famous bell.

• St Pail’s Cathedral is the biggest church in London.

• Windsor Castle is the largest castle in the world still lived in.



The name of the country The names of sights


The Egyptian Museum, the Sphinx and the monumental pyramids

Mexico “The City of the Gods”



1. с

2. b

3. a

4. b

5. c

6. a

7. b

Listening - Unit 4. TRAVELLING


1. 2

2. 3

3. 1

4. 4


The girl has visited London, New York and Sydney.

1. She would like to visit London, New York and Sydney.

2. Trafalgar Square is the most famous square in London.

3. You can see The River Thames in London.

4. The empire state Building has got a hundred and two floors.

5. Themostinterestingoperahouseinthe world is in Australia.

6. Nano is a real friend.

Grammar 2 - Unit 4. TRAVELLING


1. the

2. a

3. the...the..the

4. the...a

5. the...a

6. the...the

7. the...a» the ...a

Look Back - Unit 4. TRAVELLING


1. the...an

2. x...a

3. the...the

4. the...a...x

5. x...the...x

6. the...a...x

7. the...the

8. the...an

9. the...x

10. x...the....a


B: haven’t 

A: Have...sent 

B: have A: Have...seen 

B: haven’t 

A: Have...eaten 

B: ve eaten 

A: Have ...visited 

B: haven’t 

A: Have...had 

B: ve been 

A: Has...phoned 

B: hasn’t

A: Have... en joyed 

B: ve done

1. Bob has never gone to football matches.

2. Hehasalreadysentsomepostcards.

3. He hasn’t seen the British Museum yet.

4. He has eaten out twice.

5. He hasn’t been to Madam Tussaud’s this time.

6. He has already visited three parks.

7. His mother hasn’t phoned him yet.

8. He has enjoyed his visit so far.


1. journey

2. voyage

3. comfortable

4. arrived

5. caught

6. took

7. travelling

8. passengers

9. fantastic

10. pictures















The UK  Ukraine
Buckingam Palace Maidan of Nezale-zhnist
Tragalgar Square St.Sophia Cathedral
St. Paul's Cathedral The Golden Gates
Tower Bridge Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra
Hyde Park  Mykolaivska Square
Windsor Castle Building with Chimeras
National Gallery  Mariinsky Palace
The Tower of London The Museum of National History



1. Which is the highest waterfall in the world?

2. Which is the largest continent in the world?

3. Which is the farthest planet from the sun?

4. Which is the deepest ocean in the world?

5. Where is the Eiffel Tower?

6. Where is the Statue of Liberty?

7. How many continents are there?

8. What is the capital of Italy?



1. true

2. true

3. false

4. true

5. false

6. false

7. false

8. true

9. false

10. true


1. Australia

2. .

3. states

4. flag

5. dollars

6. capital

7. 6

8. continent

9. sport

10. uniforms

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