Usage of computer robotics automated systems in industry and life of Japan

Usage of computer robotics automated systems in industry and life of Japan

History of robotics in Japan

   Japan is a front-rank country on development of robots. About 10 million industrial robots worked inthe whole world by the state on 2016. All anymoreJapanese enterprises participates indevelopment of robots-humanoids. 
In 2000 a company Honda created a robot ASIMO. It has two feet. At first he walked only. He is improved now. A robot can hurry with speed 9 kilometres / by hours. ASIMO gives drinks, opens bottles very well. 
In 2005 a company Toyota showed the robot. He can walk and play the musical. instruments. 
   In the world people want to investigate the bowels of the earth in the future. That is why develop new submarine robots. They will work on a depth. Submarine works will help to investigate seas.

   A robot can execute work deeply under earth. In mines it is expedient to use a technique instead of people. Miners will manage a robot. 

The perspective use of robots is in atomic energy. Especially in districts muddy by aradiation.             Robots are used for extinguishing of fires;on the space stations, in metallurgyand other spheres. 
Japan widely uses robots in finishing industry. 

Exhibition of robots

   On days the exhibition of robots passes in Germany. Surprises the variety of robots and industries of application. Japan is the leader of creation of robots in the world. 
   In Japan develop robots for a help in the way of life. 
A decision of problem of the rapid aging of society is a production of robots for the supervision of patients and medical service. 
Works-space-suits are created for invalids. They will help to move to the paralysed people. 

    Recently a company Yaskawa showed the new model of robot. He gives a medical supervision. He has four mechanical hands. A robot will help the paralysed patients to change from a bed on a light cart. A robot will execute work instead of two strong physicians. 

   A company Sharp soon will produce in the sale of Robot-patrol. He will notice suspicious people that ramble round houses. An image will pass to the proprietors of houses. 

The development of super computer equipment

    Recent test of new Japanese machines have yielded a surprising conclusion: Japan may have already equaled U.S. supercomputing technology. The U.S. experts have recently journeyed to Japan to test two of that country’s latest generation supercomputers.

   A fujitsu Facom VP-200, and a Hitachi SA-10. They returned after a few week with conclusions about the Japanese machines overall performed about as well as a Cray X-MP, a U.S. super computer considered state-of-the-art.

   Software test. For test of the Japanese machines were used Fortran programs ranging in size form about 700 lines to over 1500 lines. These are first programs of any real length to be run on Japanese machines, so interest in the result is high.

 The state with all responsibility related to the supercomputer problems, such as the Japanese government in 2010 to create a national supercomputer has allocated 253 million dollars of budget money. The company IBM is currently working on the creation of a supercomputer Blue Waters, is able to achieve 16 petaflops of performance. In 2012 IBM released Sequioa supercomputer with a capacity of 20 petaflops. This computer is used to simulate nuclear weapons tests. Already launched supercomputer cluster based on IBM Blade Center with a capacity of 10 teraflops in Kazakh-British Technical University, which is 12 Tor50 edition took place 19. 

Japan's plans for the future

In 2020 the summer Olympic games start in Tokyo. Japan declared about realization of Olympiad for robots. It will show importance of the use of robots to the whole world. 
Distant fantasy confidently gets to life of humanity. 
Soon works will help in every industry. 
It does not mean that people will be unnecessary. They will develop and manage this difficult technique. That is why demand grows on specialists in industry of the automated management technological processes. 
Very soon robot will help people in many industries .

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