Зошит. Англійська мова 8 клас {ГДЗ/відповіді} (Карп'юк О.Д.) [2016]

1. Starting Up

Play - cards, football, games, tennis.

Take - photographs a walk.

go - fishing, swimming, dancing, water sking, camping sighseeing.

2. Write one sentence with each expression from Task 1 about your last summer holidays.

1) I took a lot pf photographs last summer.

2) I played cards with my driends last summer.

3) I took a long walk with my driends.

4) I went swimming with my parents. 

5) S went dansing on Saturday last summer.

6) I didn't play footbal last summer.

7) I player tennis with my dad kast summer.

8) I didn't go sighseeing last summer.

9) I went compling with my classmates.

10) I didn't go finish last summer.

11) I played computer games last summer.

12) I didn't go water skiing last summe.

3 Fill in the text with the right form of the verbs in brackets. Use the past simple or present simple.


Once again I stayed (stay) with my grandparents at the seaside for three weeks. I really didn't want (not want) to go but my parents made (make) me. I hated (hate) every minute of it.

It was (be) so boring. What did I do(do)?

Nothing much.

I went (go) swimming in the morning because. I could not (not, can) wait to get out of the house. I sunbathed (sunbathe) for a few days but then I got (get) this terrible allergy and had to (have to) stay out of the sun. I come (come) home at noon because my grandma insisted (insist) on it. We had (have) lunch quite early. Then they watched (watch) TV and I listened (listen) to music. On my discman, of course. I never went (go) dancing or played (play) any sports. I only had to (have to) play cards with them. For hours at a time. That was one thing they truly enjoyed (enjoy). Sometimes my grandad and i went (go) fishing. That was (be) OK, except he kept (keep) telling stupid stories and I got (get) fed up after some time.

You see, my grandparents are (be) quite old, but not so bad actually

But they Live (live) on a small island where there are (be) no young people. They enjoy (enjoy) the peace and quiet but it drives (drive) me crazy. I want (want) to go out and meet people. Holidays are (be) supposed to be fun, right? How can (can) I make my parents see that? Do you have (have) any idea?

4 Write about a very interesting holiday you have had. If you have never had one, make things up.

Last winter i had an unforgettable holidays. It was Cristmas and i went in Lviv with my family. We visited a lot of interesting and historecal sights. We enjoyed celebrating Christmas on Ranok. There were different perfomances? fireshas and bright colourful new year exposures.

5. Sort out the two stories (numbers 1 -12) as quickly as you can.


A suprise Sweden

1, 5, 6, 9, 11


The big brother

2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12.

6 Fill in the words from the box and tell about the pupils below.



Our English lessons are always such fun! There's a great atmosphere in the classroom. I sit next to mv best friend Karen. Both my parents speak English well, so they help me with my homework when I've got problems with it. I actually think English is my favourite subject.


I try to read lots of books and newpapers in English to help me with my studies of English. To know English well I have to do a lot of the work myself. But I'm quite good at studying and I like English, so that's okay. My dream is to become an international football star, so my English has to be quite good!


I had a great summer holiday. But I'm happy to go back to school now. I want to see my friends and teachers again. I go to a language school. I'm in the 8th form now, so we're starting a new year and beginning to prepare for the exam at the end. I hope I'll be able to pass it very well!

7 Complete the advertisement with the correct form of the words from the box.

lesson • revision • break • subject • timetable • course • report

STUDY ENGLISH IN ENGLAND at The London School of English

one- and two-week summer course. for all ages

Revision classes for students about to take exams

fun, varied timetable : lessons every morning, trips and sports every afternoon

ten-minutes breaks every hour in the morning.

Report on students progress given at the end.

The London School of English — bringing the subject of English to Life!

8 Tick (v) the boxes that are true for you.

This year I would like to ...

v learn more words.

0 improve my spelling.

0 improve my pronunciation.

improve my listening skills,

0 so that I could understand songs in English.

v so that I could understand films in English.

0 so that I could play video games in English.

improve my speaking skills,

0 so that I could talk about different things.

v so that I could communicate with foreigners.

0 so that I could give reports.

0 so that I could retell stories.

improve my reading skills,

0 so that I could read stories in English.

0 so that I could read newspapers and magazines in English.

0 so that I could read comics in English

v so that I could read books in English.

0 so that I could use the Internet.

improve my writing skills,

v so that I could communicate with foreigners through emails, letters and postcards.

0 so that I could write stories in English.

0 so that I could fill in forms.

0 improve my communication skills, learn how to do projects in English.

0 learn how to make posters in English.

all these efforts will help me to improbe my English and become a fluent speaker. I will be able to visit different countries and make new friends all over the world.

Unit 1. It's Your Life

Lesson 1. Family and Friends

1. Look at the crossword below. Fill in the crossword cues (1-12) with the verbs from the box. There is an extra verb you don't need.

likes doesn't like • gets needs tells talks • works © forgets • keeps • thinks • doesn't talk • spends • shows


1) A person who talks a lot.

2) A person who shows sympathy.

3) A person who likes meeting new people.

4) A person who never forgets to go things.

5) A person who thinks fast.

6) A person who works a lot.

7) A person who gets upset when you spend more time with other people.

8) A person who thinks about what another person needs.

9) A person who tells the truth.

10) A person who doesn't talk much.

11) A person who spends a lot of time doing noting.

12) A person who keeps secrets to other people.

2. Fill in the sentences with one of the adjectives from the crossword.

1) I can tell her all my secrets. She is trust worthy.

2) I have problems when meeting new friends. I'm shy.

3) He always tells the truth. He is honest.

4) She talks a lot. She is chatty. 

5) Her aunt is ill. She is alweys there for her. She is caring and understanding.

6) He keeps his promises and he will do what you ask him to do. He is reliable. (This one is not in the crossword)

3 Write the opposites.

1) Tall is the opposite of short.

2) Curly is the opposite of straight.

3) Long is the opposite of short.

4) Plump is the opposite of thin.

5) Fair-haired is the opposite of dark-haired.

4 a) There are 31 words used to describe people in the wordsnake on page 13. First circle them and then copy them under the right heading in the grid.

Eyes - large, green, brown, blue, black.

Hair - long, short, blond, crewcut, straight, dark, wavy, dyed.

Height/build - tall, slim, thin, fat, plump, skinny, fit, short.

Charecter - nice, polite, kind, aggressive, lazy, rude, ambitious.

b) Describe your best friend.

My best friends is short and slim. She is funny and kind. She has got dark shourt hair and blue eyes. She is nice

c) Stick a photo of a famous person in your notebook. and describe him/her.

I would like to desscribe Ani Lorak. She is a famous singer. She is very pretty Ani Lorak is slim and fit. She has got medium height. Has got dark long hair and green eyes. She is very beauteful.

5. Write what your friend is like. Answer with YES or NO.

1) Does your friend help you when you have a problem? Yes

2) Does your friend often gossip? No

3) Does your friend share his/her secrets with you? Yes

4) Does your friend keep your secrets? Yes

5) Does your friend listen to you when you want to say something? Yes

6) Does your friend like the same sort of films as you do? Yes

7) Does your friend listen to the same kind of music as you do? Yes

8) Does your friend always want to be the boss? No

What does your score say?

If you answer YES to questions 1,3,4,5,6, and 7 and NO to questions 2 and 8, you are very, very lucky.

It's a real friend you have. Try not to lose him/her.

6. Think of the right adjective.

1) A person who thinks only about himself/herself is selfish.

2) A person who tells other people what to do is bossy.

3) A person who has no friends is lonely.

4) A person who is interesting to be with is funny.

5) A person who would never let you down is your close friend.

7. Use the words in the box to fill in the graps.

People become friends because they have a lot in common or they have the same interests. When you have really close friends you can share secrets with them or can rely on them. Good friends help each other especially when they have a problem or if they get in trouble. A good friend should never let you down.

8. Finish the sentences using your ideas about friends and friendship.

I have a lot of friends.

My friends are caring and honest.

I like them because they are trustworthy.

I don't like kids who talk a lot.

I could never be friends with someone who doesn't keep my secrets.

Real friends always help each other.

Real friends never let you down.

9. Put the verbs in brackets in the right form.

The first thing I did (do) when I got (get) to school is look for Brian. He is (be) my best friend. He lives (live) a long way from school so his father gives (give) morning. I come (come) by school bus. When i found (find). When I made (make) plans for the day. We are (not, be) in the same class so we didn't meet (not, meet) till the lunch break. It was (be) twelve and lasted (last) half an hour. 

During the break we went (go) to the canteen, had (nave) lunch and chating (chat) about sports or girls. When school finished (finish), Brain didn't go (not, go) home. He come (come) with me. His parents work (work) long hours and they come (come) around 7 to pick him up.

10. Circle the correct answer.

1) They are very good friends because they have a lot in similarin common.

2) She is jealous on/of of my friends.

3) If you don't listen to her, you can get/go into trouble.

4) My classmate is trying talk me/to tell me into cheating, but I don't want to listen to him.

5) Would you like to come round/ come on to my place?

11. a) Put the parts in the right order.

4) a) I live in Brighton. It's in the south of England. Brighton is a seaside resort so it's always busy.

5) b) Im thirteen years old. I live with my mother and sister, j She is younger than me. My mother is a nurse. She j does shifts so I often have to look after my little sister.

3) c) Dear Luca, Hi! I'm Ben. I got your address from my Italian teacher. I'd like to be your pen friend.

1) d) 21 Parkside Avenue Brighton W8

6) e) I'm in the seventh form of primary school and my favourite subjects are history and PE I'm also interested in computers and sport.

10) f) P.S. Send me a photo.

2) g) 12th July

7) h) I'd like to have a dog but mum says that our flat is too small. My neighbour has got a beautiful German shepherd. I often take it for a walk. I play the guitar. I practise it every day for half an hour. I'd like to have my own band. I also collect CDs and film magazines. My favourite actor is Bruce Willis.

9) i) I must finish now. Write soon. Best wishes, Ben

8) j) In my free time I meet my friends. We sometimes go j to town or to the cinema. I often watch TV but I also read books, mostly science fiction and crime stories.

b) Fill in the form.

1) Ben's address - d

2) the date - g

3) the beginning - c

4) home town - a

5) family - b

6) chool and interests - e

7) pets and hobbies - h

8) free time - j

9) finishing the letter - i

10) adding more - f

13. Match the expressions to their definitions. Find the pictures.









someone who spends a lot of time sitting and watching television couch potato.

someone who would do anything to be fit and healthy heatth freak.

someone who knows everything about computers computerr wizard.

someone who talks all the time chatterbox.

someone who can't live without football football fan.

someone you trust close friend.

someone who doesn't eat meat vegetarian.

someone who likes to talk about other people's private lives gossip.

14. a) Read and learn howto organise your thoughts.

Sandra is doing her English homework. She has to write an essay about friendship. There's so much she would like to say but she doesn't know how to start.

Anna: What's the problem Sandra? You seem to be nervous.

Sandra: Yes, I am. I'm supposed to write about friendship and I can't start.

Anna: Come on. That's a terrific thing to write about. Sandra: You're right. I'm all mixed up. I don't know where to start.

That's simple. First write down a list of words

Anna: that you associate with friendship.

Then make it clear

what friends do and

what they don't do.

Finally, think of some

examples or personal

experience and write

about it.

Sandro: Great, Anna.

Thanks a lot.

You're a real friend.

b) Follow the steps Anna suggests.









Friends do

- keep their promises;  

- support each other;

- believe in each other;

- care cutout your problems;  

- listen to you;

- forgive each, other.

Friends do not do

- gossip;  

- betray;  

- criticize;

- laugh on your mistakes;

- be greedy.

Lesson 2. A Healthy Lifestyle

1. Rewrite the sentences using the expressions from the box.

sleep like a log • solve • nightmares • not sleep a wink

1) I slept deeply and didn't hear a thing.

I slept like a dog and didn't hear a  thing.

2) There was a party next door and I didn't sleep at all.

There was a party next door and i didn't sleep a wink.

3) Billy often has frightening dreams.

Billy often has niphtynures.

4) Can you find the answer to this problem?

Can you solve this problem?

2. Your mum or dad wants to lose some weight. Give her/ him some advice. Use different expressions. Here are some ideas to help you.

eat fewer sweets • start exercising • stop eating after 6 p.m. • drive everywhere • walk more • watch TV so much

1) Stop eating sweet at all.

2) Start doing exercises every day.

3) Stop eating after 6 p.m.

4) You should walk more.

5) You shouldn't watch TV so much.

3. Complete the text on pages 22-23 with the the right adverb or adjective from the box.

well • long • great • beautifully • well • short • big • early • fast • late • small • badly • tidy • well • quickly • good • slowly • slowly • untidy

Mike and Steve have been best friends for many years, but they are very different people. Sometimes they have fights because they like different things or do things in a different way.

Mike likes to get up very early because mornings are his favourite time of the day. Steve likes to sleep late because he hates mornings.

Mike enjoys a big breakfast because he thinks that it is the most important meal of the day. Steve usually has a very small breakfast: just a cup of coffee and a piece of toast. Mike loves to go for a long walk in the morning because he believes it is very healthy. Steve goes for very shourt walks only when he can't sleep, just around the block once.

Mike always opens his mail slowly. He is never very quickly.


MiKe can cook really well. He enjoys it very much. Steve cooks badly. He can only make a few simple meals and they are often not so good.

Mike is a very tiby person. He likes to leave everything in order when he leaves home. Steve doesn't care about that. He is a very untiby person.

He leaves things all over the place.

Mike is crazy about music. He sings beautiful. That's why people ask him to sing at parties and weddings.

Steve can't sing very well but he tells great jokes and everybody likes to listen to him.

Mike is very fit. He can run fast and play football very well. Steve is not sports-minded at all. He can run very slowely but only when he is in some kind of trouble.

Still, they like to spend time together. It doesn't stop them being such good friends.

4. Complete each sentence by writing in the missing pair of words.

drink + food

proper + memorise

chew + enjoy

three + snacks

balance + consume

larger + normal

contain + salt

1) Children who eat proper breakfast learn and memorize things better.They are also more interested and pay more attention in class.

2) It's best to have three main meals in a day and at least two smaller meals or snacks between the main meals.That way you will have enough energy all day.

3) How much water we have to drink actually depends on all the food that we eat in a day.

4) Portions are getting lager. So keep your portions normal sizes and don't overeat.

5) It's important to get the right balance between the amount of calories we consume and the amount of calories our body uses.

6) We shouldn't put too much sugar and salt in our food because a lot of foods already contain sugar or suit.

7) You shouldn't eat in a hurry. It's very important that you chew your food slowly and enjoy it.

5. Complete the questionnaire with ANY, SOME, MUCH, MANY or A (AN). Then do it to see if your diet is hea


1. What do you usually have for breakfast?

A) a sandwich and a glass of orange juice

B) a bowl of cereals with yoghurt

C) a slice of bread with butter and jam

2. How much milk do you drink every day?

A) one glass

B) two glasses

C) more than two glasses

3. Do you drink tea or coffee? Yes, S drink coffee and tea.

4. How mQnu glasses of water do you drink every day?

A) one

B) two to four

C) more than four

5. Do you eat any snacks between meals? YES/NO

6. What kind of snack do you eat on your way home from school?

A) an apple or a banana

B) chocolate

C) crisps

7. How often do you eat fish?

A) once a week

B) once a month

C) almost never

8. Do you eat junk food, such as pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, etc.

for lunch on school days? YES/NO

9. What do you usually have for breakfast?

A) rice

B) a salad

C) potatoes

10. What do you usually have for dinner?

A) some fruit

B) a slice of pizza

C) some pancakes


20 - 16 You can be proud of yourself! You don't have to worry about your eating habits.

15 - 12 You're doing fine but think about how you can improve your eating habits.

11 - 0 It's better to be safe than sorry. It's high time you changed your eating habits!

6 Write about Food and Health.

Think about things we eat that are bad for us: sweet things, things with too much fat in them, and so on. Decide what problems they cause for the human body. Also think about what food is good for us and why.

Food and Health

Food is very important pain of our healthy and balanced diet is useful for every person. We depend on food as well as the cars depend on gas, for example. It's our body physical strenght and heath. When the body is healthy, the mind will also be healthy different types of food contain different nutrients for out body. One the healthiest types of food is fruit. and vegetables meat, fish, cereal are also important for our body and we can't forget about water every person should drink two litres at water every day.

7. a) Read the letter below and tick (v) the complaints1 which are not mentioned.

0 bad weather.

0 noisy neighbours.

v bad shopping facilities.

0 high prices.

0 sleepless nights.

v dirty beaches.

0 greasy food.

0 lack of interesting activities.

v rude waiter.

Deay Mitee,

i am. staymg in, a very comfortable hotel near a sandy beach on the south of England. Unfortunately, it has been, very widely and the hotel itself is very expensive. My only other complaint is that the food is rather greasy and i have been, hurvgry most of the time because I have had great difficulty in, finding arvythirvg suitable on, the menu here.

However, I have been very impressed by the beauty of nature here and the telndness of the people, it Is true that I have suffered a bit from boredom, but I always do when I'm. not busy. sometimes l feel sleepy In, the middle of the day and have a short nap, which I'm, very thankful for. unfortunately, I don't sleep well at night because the people In the room next to me are extremely noisy.



B) Rewrite Bill's letter changing all negative things that he mentions into positive and positive into negative. You may start like this:

Dear Mike,

Today is my fourth day in the hotel. Unfortunately, it is not as comfortable as the tourist agency promised in their brochure.

fortunatelly, the weather has changed. I've also moved to a cheaper room and found a cofe with deficions and not very expensive food. One things that surprised me in the bad way si dirty beaches outside our hotel area. I've met new people and new friends so s'm not suffering from doredom now. And now s can sleep all might long because. I have a personal room.



8 .Sort out the hobbies and entertainment activities given in the box into the corresponding columns of the table below. Note that one and the same hobby can have several characteristics and go into more than one column. The first one is done for you.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->











TV watching

visiting museums











playing cards



9. Write about the reasons why you enjoy the hobbies you have. Consider the following questions. Are you an indoor or outdoor person? Why?

Are you a competitive or a non-competitive person?

Are you energetic or do you need to take some effort to entertain yourself?

Do you like to relax with your family and friends or alone? Why?

Do you prefer team games or individual sports?

Are you a risk-taker or a person who prefers a quiet hobby?

Do you spend or earn money on your hobby? Explain. Do you like to do things with your hands or buy them ready-made? Why?

Do you like to take care of somebody or to be taken care of? Why?

There are many reasons to have and love a hobby. Hobbies can bring comfort, emotional or phusical zeleass. S am an indoor person, that's why my hobbies are reading, painting, music and TV watching. I am not competitive games. I'm not energetic person. I like to relax with my family and friends, but sometimes. I want to stay alone read a book or listen to music. I prefer individual sports, such as jogging and cycling. I prefer guiet hobby. S spend much many an my hobby, becaus i like to buy new books. I like to things with my hand for example. I can paint pictures pressent them to my friends. I like to take care of my cat. It's also one of my hobbies.





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