Source of electric power: wind


  1. Refurbishable energy.

  2. Advantages and defects.

  3. Basic elements of wind turbines.

  4. Conclusion.

  5. Used sources.


1. Refurbishable energy.


    Energy of wind is industry of refurbishable energy. It is based on the use of kinetic energy of wind.

  Wind became energy source. An ordinary wind turbine has large force. Sets mechanisms in motion. They are used by a humanity for the necessities.

    A source of wind energy is a Sun. It heats air. Warm  air broadens and goes up. The cold goes down. So wind - motion of air appears from the zone of high-pressure to the zone of small pressure.

     The only basic requirement is a high average annual level of wind. Power of modern industrial wind generators arrives at 6 МWt. An amount and quality of engines grow every year. A mass production is adjusted.


     People used wind energy since olden times. They built mills. Large wind turbines helped to grind grain.       


 Wind energy is inculcated on Lviv Region. Hilly locality gives an opportunity well to use strength of wind. A few enormous wind turbines are built on Sumbir Region. They look so.


2. Advantages and defects.

For today wind energy is safe, than atomic, thermal. But it has the advantages and defects too.

Will consider advantages:

• it is not necessary additional expenses on acquisition ofraw material;

• there are not harmful wastes;

• occupy a small place to the landscape;

• it is energy inexhaustible;

• for difficult of access places ideal providing energy;

• it is the rapid setting;

• it is simple service;

• are small charges on technical service and exploitation.


Will consider defects:

• it is instability of work, because depends on wind;

• it is a necessity of location of options districts with highintensity of wind;

• it is small power of engines, than atomic or thermal;

• it is a high cost of setting (cost of establishment of power 1MWt presets 1 million dollars);

• through vibrations birds, usually, walk around territories;

• in the elements of one turbine 4 birds perish every year;

• noise causes a disturbance for living organisms;

• unfortunately, bees perish, the productivity diminishes on the fields.  


3. Basic elements of wind turbines.

Work of wind turbine is impossible without basic elements.


Will consider them.


Needed for the charge of storage batteries. His power determines speed of charging of accumulator. He produces an alternating current. Strength of current and tension depend on speed and stability of wind.



Set in motion the billow of generator due to kinetic energy of wind.



Masts are different forms and heights. Than higher mast, the prepotent strength of wind. Id est, than higher mast, the the higher productivity of generator.


Additional equipment.

Modern wind turbines have management inspector. Blades are made out of composite materials. Wind turbines have grounding. Storage batteries accumulate energy. Even and stabilize tension. That is why wind turbines work continuously at reduction to wind. Sensor straight collects wind data about speed and direction of wind. A negator converts the direct current of storage batteries into variable for electric devices. Present checking of temperature and automatic extinguishing of fire system.


4. Conclusion.

Wind is considerably anymore used for the receipt of electric power the last years. The wind turbines of high-powered are created. They are set on locality with frequent and strong winds.

The countries of Western Europe have long-term experience of wind energy. For example, in Holland plan to show out them in a sea. There is winds anymore and bees do not fly. But additional expenses are needed for marine communications with dry land. Wind turbines at the seaside will look out so.

Germany plans to give up atomic energy for ten years. To pass to wind and sunny energy.

Scientists study negative influence, in order to avoid his. Take into account at planning of wind turbines. They search replacement to the traditional wind turbines.

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